Under the medical management of Dr. Yoram Singer, we are Israel's leadingpalliative care and home hospice provider
    We provide our services via Israel's HMO's with no charge to patients and families. The hospice home care unit was established to provide excellent home - hospice care to every patient in need. We are focused on delivering excellent, accessible medical care and emotional guidance to our patients and their families. Our mission is to provide services throughout the country to enable a peaceful and dignified, end of life experience at home, for patients and their loved ones.

    What is a Home-Hospice?
    The purpose of home-hospice is to enable a person with a life-threatening illness the choice to spend the remainder of his/her days with dignity, in the comfort of his/her home, in familiar surroundings, close to family and friends, rather than in a hospital. Each patient and family is treated by a permanent team of a physician, nurse and social worker who conduct home visits on a regular basis and are on-call 24 hours a day. All of our staff are qualified and trained to provide care, to manage pain and relieve symptoms as well as to provide emotional support to the patient and family.

    When is it time to ask for Home-Hospice?
    When a chronic illness reaches advanced stages and it is clear that nothing more can be done to cure the illness or to prolong life and your loved one is experiencing physical or emotional difficulty, it is the right time to contact Sabar Home-Hospice. Early contact will allow for a deeper understanding of patient's and family's needs and will help build a trusting relationship with our staff. It will also help the Sabar Home-Hospice staff create a better treatment program customized to the patient and family.

    Who is eligible for a Home-Hospice?
    HMOs are obligated to allow any patient with a threatening advanced illness, access to Home-Hospice care at the HMO's expense and at no cost to the patient and his family.

    We are available 24/7 at: 09-7722218